Limousine Service and Party Bus Rental Tips

Until recently, thinking of limo rentals made me think of weddings and prom night – tuxedos, champagne and fancy dinners. Since renting a party bus and hitting the town with friends, my perspective has changed drastically.

Brewery tours, bachelor parties and nights on the town are just a few ideas for the right time to rent a limousine or rent a party bus. We’ve taken party busses from Austin to Dallas for big concerts, and I can say the drive was just as much fun as the show. Control your own music, bring your own cooler, and pack the bus with your favorite people.

Price Quotes

Limousines charge by the hour, but not all events have a set start and finish date. When booking your limousine, make sure to have a clear expectation of price increases due to parties running late or simply extending the night. Also, tax and gratuity may or may not be included in the initial quote. 20% gratuity is standard in the business, so think of it as the main cost, not a tip. Ask your driver if there’s a way to wrap in extra hours in a bigger package for full day service. Limo companies often bulk in a few free hours if you exceed 6 hours of service.

Company Reviews

Yelp and Google+ are a great place to start for researching limousine companies. Customer reviews are a reliable source of information, but also be sure to read the negative reviews. Traffic on a wedding day is out of a driver’s hands, and customers are ten times more likely to report a negative experience than a positive one. One or two bad experiences are to be expected from a company that runs people to special occasions each weekend (in Austin traffic?!)

Contemporary party bus interior 2013

By Elite Chicago Limo [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Limo vs Party Bus

Stretch limousines have been the long running classic of specialty transportation, but party busses have changed the game. If it’s not a wedding or prom, I prefer party busses. Space to stand, room to move, and the ability to pack in double the people from a stretch limo makes the party bus far more appealing, but also more expensive. Fortunately, with more people participating, the price per person balances out.

Drinking and Riding, not Driving

Birthday party barges (or any other occasion) are a perfect summer getaway. Sun, water, food and booze, what could be better? After getting off the boat, the 35 minute drive back to Austin should not be taken lightly. Amp up your trip with a party bus shuttle from Austin to the lake and you can rest assured your friends get some safely. You can bring the cooler on the bus and pre-game the lake trip.

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