End of Summer – Last Chance for Water!

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With summer winding down and cool days of fall blessing us with blue bird days, I can’t help but feel we have a long time before I hop back in Barton Springs pool. So, heres a quick list of water activities you can do before winter slips up on us! Whether you reside in or are a tourist to Austin, Texas, it’s not too late for the last swim of the year!

Whether you plan to go kayaking, skateboarding, waterboarding, or simply enjoying the sight and feel of the water parks, Austin has got you covered.

Let us delve into some details of the water activities that you can do in Austin, Texas.


Ladybird Lake surely looks like a river. That is the first thing people notice about it. It is a result of the Longhorn Dam that was built in 1960 and nowadays it is mostly used for recreation. You can go hiking and biking, kayaking and canoeing, or paddle boarding on this location for the best enjoyment of your sunny days.

The city laws have outlawed private motor-powered boats on the Lady Bird Lake; this has, in turn, made it a perfect ground for kayaks and canoes. The lake has some places where these canoes and kayaks and the like can be rented. There are three major places where you can start; Texas Towing Centre, Paddle Shack, and Congress Avenue Kayaks.


Lake Travis is much larger than Ladybird Lake or Lake Austin.  It is one of the biggest in Austin with over 271 miles of shoreline and a width of almost 4.5 miles. Asides its size, Lake Travis is one the most visited recreation sites in the state of Austin, maybe because of its clear blue waters, which has made it a destination for most water enthusiasts.

Lake Travis allows you fun activities such as picnicking in the water parks, grilling, swimming, boat ramp access, hiking, kayaking and much more. A visit to Lake Travis means you will be spending much time on the water and you will be sure of having all the fun and recreational benefits you crave.


Paddleboarding in Austin is always and always be fun. There is quite a number Stand-Up paddle boarding in Austin. The top guns in the business are Congress Avenue Kayaks, Austin Sailboat Rentals, and Big Tall Gringas. 


The summer times can prove to be scorching so, to beat the heat, a visit to water parks for some fun and cooling activities might be on the cards for you. Here are a few water parks you should not fail to visit; Typhoon Texas Austin, Volente Beach Water Park, Rock ‘N River Family Aquatic Center, Aquatica San Antonio and much more.

Whatever water activities you want to partake in, in Austin, you have more than enough choices to make and more than enough locations to choose from which has seen the state becoming more and more a thing of addiction to tourists worldwide.