Flooring for Kitchens – What is Best?

My wife and I recently re-finished our kitchen, and deciding on the right flooring was a pretty long process. I did a bunch of research and decided to share it for my reader’s benefit!

The right flooring can significantly improve your kitchen appearance and functionality. With so many offers ranging from epoxy to tile, laminate and carpet, finding kitchen flooring should be an effortless process. However, not all are desirable and designs that were once admired have slowly been replaced with new trends. Epoxy in particular has become a popular choice and I always recommend it for new homeowners, but is it the best offer in the market? Here is a brief look at some of the top kitchen flooring options.

Epoxy Kitchen Floors

The benefits and beauty of epoxy flooring are irrefutable. It may seem like the kind of professional flooring you find in luxury showrooms or commercial outlets. However, recent trends have seen epoxy encroach into the domestic market thanks to its glossy finish and durable coating. If you are looking for something unique, yet affordable, I personally recommend epoxy flooring. But these are not the only benefits you gain from installing epoxy flooring.

  • Safe and aesthetic – since it needs no harsh cleaning agents or processes, epoxy flooring can last its lifespan without corroding or dissolving. It is one of the safest no-toxic flooring options. Epoxy floors are also very attractive and can help enliven your kitchen aesthetics. You can also select from multiple colors, patterns and styles including mimics of granite, marble, quartz and natural stone among others.
  • Very easy to clean – epoxy offers a smooth shiny surface that is easy to clean and maintain. It is stain resistant, water resistant and anti-slip. Unlike other flooring, you can easily wipe off stains and liquid spills from epoxy floors making it ideal for kitchen settings.
  • Durability – epoxy finish contains resin, which is not only resistant to water and chemicals, but also withstands abrasion, wear and tear. It has been used to cover concrete floors in basements and car parks offering durable coating that can take just about anything. It rarely scratches or dents.

Tile floors

Tiles were once the favorite for bathrooms and kitchen flooring. They come in various materials including stone and ceramic. You can also choose different colors and styles. Although tile floors can last up to several decades, some materials are quite expensive and installation may also involve cutting custom pieces which hikes the cost even higher. Tiles are susceptible to denting and scratching especially when you accidentally drop a solid object. What’s more, they feature grout seams which require careful maintenance to prevent staining and cracking.


Hardwood floors are revered for their aesthetic value and classic grain. They can accentuate any interior or exterior décor if used correctly. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are not the best option for the kitchen. Stains and water spills can easily damage your hardwood flooring and even a little scratch on the coating may require refinishing to maintain the floor’s appeal. For more about hardwood floors, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_flooring#Hardwood_flooring


Laminate is a common choice for those seeking cheap quick installation floors. You can install your laminate kitchen floor at 79 cents per square foot and easily rip it off if a prospect buyer wants something else. Laminate floors can be attractive and durable. However, this depends on how well the manufacturer made them and the quality is never greater than epoxy, wood, natural stone or tiles. It is not ideal for a permanent home.


I would stick with epoxy flooring for my kitchen. It offers everything you need from durability, to safety, ease of cleaning and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy is also quite inexpensive compared to all the other choices and takes a shortest time to install. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring Austin residents can depend on, ATX Epoxy Flooring was a great company to work with and we highly recommend them. You can visit their website at https://atxepoxyfloors.com. They were quick to deliver a competitive bid, and the results were amazing. We have a customized floor with easy, affordable maintenance.

Christmas in Austin


The holiday season is fast approaching and many people are already making the final touches to their plans. As more gigs and events spring to life, deciding on which destinations to visit and what activities to participate can be quite overwhelming even for those who had solid plans for the season. Finding a great event to enjoy in cities like Austin, TX should not be a problem. The town boasts a rich culture and traditional events that always gather thousands of families to celebrate together. Here is a brief look at some fun Christmas Austin events you can visit around the holiday season.

1.Walk the Trail of Lights

A mile long walk down the trail of lights in Zilker Park is without doubt Austin’s biggest Christmas event. Since 2012 it has remained in the top 3 events in Central Texas and is the place to be if you want to experience the Austin holiday spirit. The walk takes you through dazzling light displays and magnificent scenery created by the same. You can also grab some hot chocolate to keep you warm as you walk the lights. Trail of lights is perfect for people of all ages including families with kids.

2.Join others in lighting up the Zilker Tree

Zilker Tree Lighting is another perfect Christmas Austin fun event celebrated by many central Texans. The sight of 3,300+ lights against the night sky is surely something to behold and there’s no better time than Christmas. Join others in lighting up the 150 ft tall Zilker Tree to usher in the holiday spirit in style. The event is open to the public and unlike other popular ceremonies, there is no ticket fee required.

3.Austin Downtown Stroll and Sing-Along

If you love live entertainment, free food and the opportunity to make a food donation, then you should probably visit the Austin downtown stroll and sing-along. This event takes you down the Austin Congress Avenue to join galleries, restaurants and stores that have all gone into the streets to celebrate. You can also make your donation to the Central Food Bank afterwards under the Capitol Tree. If you wish, you can join others in celebrating the lighting up of Capitol Tree altogether.

4.The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Christmas wouldn’t be festive without a memorable shopping experience. Apart from affordable deals, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar gives you an opportunity to purchase the best from craftsmen, artists and merchants who all come together to showcase their products. In addition to hot deals, this event is characterized by live music and there
are wide aisles to ensure no one lacks a dancing space.


There are several other Christmas Austin events available to everyone. The holiday happenings are all around you if you know where to look for and some are free of charge. I personally recommend the Trail of Lights and Zilker Tree Lighting. These two have become part and parcel of the Austin tradition and are celebrated by thousands of families. Other events you can find in Austin include Blue Santa Operation, Trail of Lights run-for-fun, Cherrywood Art Fair and Ice Skating (on whole-food roofs).

Spring Has Sprung! Upcoming Austin Events.

Whether you are visiting Austin, Texas from another country or from within the United States there is one thing you can be sure about – there is plenty to see and do. Barton Springs Pool, the Texas State Cemetery, the Texas State Capitol, the Second Street District and of course 6th Street which is the heart of live entertainment in Austin, are just but a few of the things you will get to enjoy. If you are planning your visit for the next few months you will be happy to know that there are lots of upcoming events that you can squeeze into your busy calendar. Some of them are free and some you have to pay for, but all of them are fun, and they will teach you plenty about this wonderful city. Here are a few that you shouldn’t miss:

Eeyore’s 55th Birthday Party on Saturday 28th April

This is a fundraiser that is organized by Friends of Forest Foundation and it is especially apt if you will be visiting Austin with your kids. It will run from 11 am to 6 pm and will feature some of the best bands in the city including Barton Hills Choir, Fun Bunch, World Gone Mad, Day Eater, Danger Cakes and Big Bill to name but a few. Vendors will provide hot and cold drinks all, and there is plenty of parking. Make sure to come in your favorite costume and bring your favorite instrument too.

Cinco de Mayo

This is a common festival around the US and it is quite special in Austin – the city has a rich and diverse Hispanic heritage. Cinco de Mayo will take place on 5th of May and will feature a lively festival and parades. Proceeds go to non-profit work to aid Hispanics in the community but all are welcome to take part.

Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne at University of Texas Austin Wednesday 25th April

If you want to learn a bit about gravitational waves and the stuff that the universe is made of how about you schedule a talk by the 2017 physics Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne? He will be speaking at the University of Texas from 7.30 PM and will be available afterward for a question and answer session.

Color in Motion on 11th of June

This is a perfect event to sign up for if you want to enjoy the Austin outdoors in summer. It is a race that is all about color. You start the race in a plain white t-shirt and run through several races where you get blasted with the most awesome colors. Afterwards there is a big bash Texas-style, and the DJ will keep you partying tell late in the night. Check online for the latest updates on the event schedule.

Austin City Limits

If you love music you must make sure to schedule a visit to at Austin City Limits Live show. The lineup is always stacked, but in the coming months you can expect to enjoy greats like Buddy Guy and Johnny Lang, Kat Edmondson, Joe Bonamassa and others.

Lockhart, Chisholm Trail Roundup on June 7th – 9th

Lockhart’s largest annual Rodeo, Roundup and Music Festival. The website says, “Festivities begin on Wednesday, June 6, with a Cowboy Breakfast around a Chuck Wagon on the Courthouse square.” Can you really afford to miss it? They encourage everyone to rock out their cowboy boots and traditional western gear. You’ll find me at this one for sure!

Best Tacos in Austin, TX

Austin is known for its fine restaurants and dining establishments. As the capital of Texas, Austin is also home to a myriad of exquisite cafes and outdoor eateries. Whether in the mood for continental or international favorites, you can truly find a range of mouthwatering dishes and entrees in Austin. This includes its world-class tacos, which are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, there are many restaurants in the area that specialize in delicious tacos and taco platters. Here are some of the top restaurants for tacos in the Austin area:

Papalote Taco House

Papalote Taco House is a great Mexican restaurant for the entire family. With daily specials and a full beverage bar, this exquisite restaurant serves up some of the best tacos in the Austin area. They also specialize in tortas, tostadas, chalupas, enchiladas, and scrumptious Mexican sodas. Whether for lunch, dinner, or a quick bite – Papalote makes fresh tacos daily and even offers convenient carry-out specials. As always, you will get plenty of hot sauce, mild sauce, and corn/flour tortillas with each order. They also feature vegetarian dishes as well.

2803 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Hot Mess

With two locations on 6th St (one on east 6th in front of Zilker Brewery, the other in Parlor & Yard), Hot Mess is serving up savory tacos just like their name’s sake – hot and messy. Not typical Mexican or Tex Mex, Hot Mess tacos are a tribute to Austin’s BBQ tradition: Pulled pork, smoked brisket, grilled chicken and veggie tacos go great with their signature Hot Mess Salsa.

1701 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Taco Deli

Taco Deli is synonymous with delicious breakfast tacos. From corn or flour tortillas and all the fillings, you will simply love the taste of their tacos and chips. In fact, Taco Deli features over 40 menu items – from enchiladas to gorditas and quesadillas. As a popular taqueria, Taco Deli is great for all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night snacking and meals. This venue is also BYOB and features comfortable and cozy seating for one and all.

1500 Spyglass Dr, Austin, TX 78746

Veracruz All Natural Food Truck

The Veracruz All Natural Food Truck continues to receive stellar customer reviews. In fact, this 5-star food truck is owned and operated by a great family from Veracruz, Mexico. From delicious migas and tacos to gorditos, they do it all at this simple trailer. They also offer veggie options, along with ice cold beverages and comfortable picnic tables for dining. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – this food truck will meet all your needs within time and budget!

1704 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Rosita’s Al Pastor

Another fine taco truck with good made daily and nightly. A simple counter-serve spot known for their delicious tacos and Mexican treats. Plenty of condiments available and icy cold beverages for one and all!

1911 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

End of Summer – Last Chance for Water!

360 Barton Springs 5July08 (9)

With summer winding down and cool days of fall blessing us with blue bird days, I can’t help but feel we have a long time before I hop back in Barton Springs pool. So, heres a quick list of water activities you can do before winter slips up on us! Whether you reside in or are a tourist to Austin, Texas, it’s not too late for the last swim of the year!

Whether you plan to go kayaking, skateboarding, waterboarding, or simply enjoying the sight and feel of the water parks, Austin has got you covered.

Let us delve into some details of the water activities that you can do in Austin, Texas.


Ladybird Lake surely looks like a river. That is the first thing people notice about it. It is a result of the Longhorn Dam that was built in 1960 and nowadays it is mostly used for recreation. You can go hiking and biking, kayaking and canoeing, or paddle boarding on this location for the best enjoyment of your sunny days.

The city laws have outlawed private motor-powered boats on the Lady Bird Lake; this has, in turn, made it a perfect ground for kayaks and canoes. The lake has some places where these canoes and kayaks and the like can be rented. There are three major places where you can start; Texas Towing Centre, Paddle Shack, and Congress Avenue Kayaks.


Lake Travis is much larger than Ladybird Lake or Lake Austin.  It is one of the biggest in Austin with over 271 miles of shoreline and a width of almost 4.5 miles. Asides its size, Lake Travis is one the most visited recreation sites in the state of Austin, maybe because of its clear blue waters, which has made it a destination for most water enthusiasts.

Lake Travis allows you fun activities such as picnicking in the water parks, grilling, swimming, boat ramp access, hiking, kayaking and much more. A visit to Lake Travis means you will be spending much time on the water and you will be sure of having all the fun and recreational benefits you crave.


Paddleboarding in Austin is always and always be fun. There is quite a number Stand-Up paddle boarding in Austin. The top guns in the business are Congress Avenue Kayaks, Austin Sailboat Rentals, and Big Tall Gringas. 


The summer times can prove to be scorching so, to beat the heat, a visit to water parks for some fun and cooling activities might be on the cards for you. Here are a few water parks you should not fail to visit; Typhoon Texas Austin, Volente Beach Water Park, Rock ‘N River Family Aquatic Center, Aquatica San Antonio and much more.

Whatever water activities you want to partake in, in Austin, you have more than enough choices to make and more than enough locations to choose from which has seen the state becoming more and more a thing of addiction to tourists worldwide.



Austin (and Texas) may be known for Tacos and BBQ, but after scratching the surface you’ll quickly learn there is far more than meets the eye. Sure, we have Franklins BBQ and Torchy’s, Veracruz and LA Barbecue, but we are also the home to incredible pizza.

You don’t have to travel to NYC to get thin sliced delicious pies, or hit Detroit for their square deep dishes. I’ll save you the research and give you five of my favorite pizza spots. Go check them out for yourself – you wont be disappointed!

1    HOME SLICE (South Congress)

Home Slice ranks in on number one of my list. Their employees often go on training at New York’s iconic pizza spots, so if you’re looking for close-to-authentic New York style pizza, this is the spot. They have a vibrant staff personality as well as rich Sicilian pies, margherita, and mozarrella, to mention but a few.

2    VIA 313 (Rainey Street)

The VIA 313 is a location that will bring out the glutton in you. Their pies are made with the Detroit style pizzas in mind. Four square and thick pillow-like crusts that are extra crunchy because of the additions of caramel of cheese makes for a perfect bite. I can share one of their personal pizzas and still have a full meal. Two to three slices is enough to fill me up, but if you want to head straight to bed, four will do the trick. It will be an added adventure or treat if you try it with double pepperoni Detroiter.

3    BUFALINA (East Cesar Chavez)

Due to Bufalina’s great pizza, it is sometimes crowded, and you may take longer finding a seat. However, when you do find one, your pizza will take less than 60 seconds in reaching you. No more.

Pies here are made with the Neapolitan style in mind; delicate and delicious. Here you can enjoy classics like margherita, calabrese and other pizzas like harissa and chorizo & potato.

4    EAST SIDE PIES (East End)

The east side pies was opened in 2006, but there is a vintage feel about this place. When compared to the VIA 313 and Bufalina, the east side hospitality may be seen as a little floppy, but the creativity of their sauces like squash and chimichurri does best to make up for the difference. 


This sandwich shop is located on the vintage and attractive Crestview Mall strip and their pizzas are made in the northeast-style, which implies they are often big slices and are cooked in hearth ovens that are two-inches thick. There may not be much going on here, but if you desire wholesome pies and Ancient Grains gluten-free crusts, then Little Deli and Pizzeria is where you want to go.

SXSW in Austin, TX – 2 Week Sprint

Crayon Pop filming at SXSW Austin Texas 2015.jpg
By Bonnielou2013 

SXSW – or South by Southwest – is a large annual event spanning two weeks in Austin, TX. This popular and growing event showcases the latest musicians, bands, artists, and entertainers to the world. The event has also become a central portal for technological, film production, and video game companies to showcase their latest apps – products – services – movies – and gaming titles to the nation and world. As the premier annual interactive media festival, SXSW started in 1987 and continues to grow and expand at alarming rates.

SXSW is Broken into Four Events:


Interactive is the first week of SXSW and is tech-centered. Hundreds of companies flock to Austin for official conventions, happy hours, meetups and events. The “Official” SXSW Interactive events require an official badge. The badge gets you into talks and presentations, after parties and more onsite at the convention center and at various venues throughout Austin.

For Austinites or visitors who want to get in on the action without dropping the money for an official badge, hundreds of companies throw “Unofficial” SXSW events. These are after parties, lunches, dinners, happy hours and more that do not require a badge. Often an online RSVP is needed prior to the event, but the parties are generally free and have everything from food to booze to amazing performances.

Along the interactive portions is the SXSW Tradeshow. The Austin Convention Center fills with hundreds of companies featuring technological advances and product launches. From hardware to software and apps, the Tradeshow offers something for any visitor. The Tradeshow is not open to the public, but instead an official SXSW badge is necessary.

Using Meerkat App at Nas Concert at MRY SXSW party


The SXSW Gaming Convention takes place over the weekend of tech week. Spanning 3 days, the Austin Convention Center fills with gaming developers, hardware companies, app developers and more. Tons of free demos with the latest VR headsets, free swag and the opportunity to meet companies you know and love are just a few reasons to check out the Gaming events for SXSW. Most of the SXSW Gaming requires an official badge, but as always keep your eye out for after parties and pop-up events.


SXSW has long-since had a film festival week. Indie films, documentaries and award winning directors present films to an intimate crowd at different theaters in town. If you have a movie badge, be sure to show up to the theater early! The crowds have really grown over the years and there is no guarantee you’ll get inside the premieres you don’t want to miss.


SXSW Music Festival is a huge claim to fame for Austin. The music week during SXSW is calling card the festival. Originally, about 250 artists performs in a couple dozen venues for the total of $10. Today a music pass costs about $500 and could get you into hundreds of shows. Just as film week’ badge does not guarantee entrance for performances, headliners have lines waiting around the corner and venues reach capacity very quickly. If there is an artist you’re dying to see, show up early.The “unofficial” SXSW music week is nearly as robust as the official SXSW music selection. Thousands of bands come to Austin to play gigs across the city. Each restaurant, bar, and venue hosts bands in hopes to capture crowds and benefit millions of dollars flooding Austin during SXSW. You do not need a badge to catch great music. RSVP for shows that companies like Pandora or Spotify throw get you in for free.

Kate Nash SXSW 2017.jpg

By Justraveling.com,

Limousine Service and Party Bus Rental Tips

Until recently, thinking of limo rentals made me think of weddings and prom night – tuxedos, champagne and fancy dinners. Since renting a party bus and hitting the town with friends, my perspective has changed drastically.

Brewery tours, bachelor parties and nights on the town are just a few ideas for the right time to rent a limousine or rent a party bus. We’ve taken party busses from Austin to Dallas for big concerts, and I can say the drive was just as much fun as the show. Control your own music, bring your own cooler, and pack the bus with your favorite people.

Price Quotes

Limousines charge by the hour, but not all events have a set start and finish date. When booking your limousine, make sure to have a clear expectation of price increases due to parties running late or simply extending the night. Also, tax and gratuity may or may not be included in the initial quote. 20% gratuity is standard in the business, so think of it as the main cost, not a tip. Ask your driver if there’s a way to wrap in extra hours in a bigger package for full day service. Limo companies often bulk in a few free hours if you exceed 6 hours of service.

Company Reviews

Yelp and Google+ are a great place to start for researching limousine companies. Customer reviews are a reliable source of information, but also be sure to read the negative reviews. Traffic on a wedding day is out of a driver’s hands, and customers are ten times more likely to report a negative experience than a positive one. One or two bad experiences are to be expected from a company that runs people to special occasions each weekend (in Austin traffic?!)

Contemporary party bus interior 2013

By Elite Chicago Limo [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

Limo vs Party Bus

Stretch limousines have been the long running classic of specialty transportation, but party busses have changed the game. If it’s not a wedding or prom, I prefer party busses. Space to stand, room to move, and the ability to pack in double the people from a stretch limo makes the party bus far more appealing, but also more expensive. Fortunately, with more people participating, the price per person balances out.

Drinking and Riding, not Driving

Birthday party barges (or any other occasion) are a perfect summer getaway. Sun, water, food and booze, what could be better? After getting off the boat, the 35 minute drive back to Austin should not be taken lightly. Amp up your trip with a party bus shuttle from Austin to the lake and you can rest assured your friends get some safely. You can bring the cooler on the bus and pre-game the lake trip.

This article was brought to you by Luxury Savannah. Providing the best limo service Savannah has to offer, Luxury Savannah & Car Service makes any night special.

Hurry Up and Wait – Franklins BBQ in Austin, TX

Franklins BBQ has been the long-standing king of barbecue in Austin, TX, and Texas takes barbecue seriously. So, are you visiting and want to try the world-famous Franklins? Be warned, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Franklins BBQ is just as famous for its 3-hour line as it is for the delicious BBQ.

3 Hour Lines…?

That’s right, guests start lining up for Franklins with breakfast still in hand. Rain or shine, Franklins is open from 9am-Sold Out, and they sell out each day around 2:00pm. Guests start to arrive as early as 8am bringing coolers, chairs and umbrellas. Around 11am, an employee takes orders from guests in line to determine where the cut off or “sold out” mark will be.

The Franklins line has even created it’s own economy. Hawkers are found renting chairs to people as they wait, and in the event of a rainy day one can rent ponchos or umbrellas. Although currently outlawed, many people made a living by waiting in line for others. At $20/order, they’d place your order and delver the world-famous BBQ to you.

For many, braving the line is well worth the wait. It is like a pre-game for a sporting event as anticipation and hunger builds. Like tailgating, people bring card games or footballs, beer and food. Students study for tests or play games on their cell phone. My friends brought Java beer, each with the same caffeine as a cup of coffee, to celebrate a Sunday Funday at Franklin’s BBQ.

Come Prepared

Needless to say, a trip to Franklins is a full commitment for your day. Whether you’re a local or tourist in town for just the weekend, make sure you prepare prior to hopping in line. Bring waters, snacks, chairs and something to do. By the time you make it through the doors and get a whiff of what awaits, you’ll know it was well worth the wait.

The Big 5 – where are the big name acts in Austin?

Austin has long since been known as a famous music town, but there are some factors that have limited big acts from playing regular shows in ATX for some time. Until recently, the largest theaters and venues could only hold a couple thousand people, and the location (deep in the heart of Texas) is out of the way for a lot of bands. Sure, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin create a nice run once you make it all the way to Texas, but the next city to the east is New Orleans, and to the west is Albuquerque. With the huge geographic barriers and size of venues, Austin didn’t catch huge acts until the 360 Amphitheatre was built. Below are a list of venues where you might catch the biggest names in the industry.

Circuit of the Americas 360 Amphitheater

Built as a race track, the Circuit de Americas has a huge amphitheater that can hold about 20 thousand people. About half of the venue has permanent seating covered by an overhanging ceiling, while the remainder of the theater (the back) is a grassy field. Bring blankets, sunglasses and sunscreen for summer shows. Like all venues, beer and food is expensive but the biggest names in the business perform at the 360 Amphitheater.


A long time name stay in Austin, Stubbs BBQ is far more than the name suggests. Sure, the BBQ is great and Sunday Gospel Brunch is a favorite of mine, but the Stubbs Back Yard takes the cake. Holding about 2,000 people, the yard is big enough for mid-sized acts that tour the country. Due to noise ordinances (check out my ramblings on Austin’s noise ordinances here) the outdoor venue closes around 11pm. Don’t worry, your ticket gets you into Stubbs Indoors for the after party. The restaurant converts into a venue after hours and the shows go as late as 2pm.

Moody Theater

The long-time famous Austin City Limits Live edition has played from the Moody Theater in downtown Austin for decades. Large names and great acts perform in this intimate theater often for live recordings. Tickets are higher priced, but sound quality is incredible and musicians always perform at their best.

Beauty Ballroom

UPDATE: The Beauty Ballroom is now permanent closed. Tucked away on Riverside Rd south of downtown, The Beauty Ballroom is an unassuming warehouse surrounded by shopping centers. Inside, you’ll find a space that holds about 600 people and a schedule that boasts touring acts from all over the country. Owned by the same folks that purchased Antone’s, The Beauty Ballroom keeps the rock, blues, soul funk spirit alive.


One of Austin’s most famous blues bars has re-opened on 5th street in downtown Austin. Known for incubating greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Clark Jr., the legendary Antones is a favorite for incendiary live music. This small space has a loyal customer base, selling out mid-week shows as large acts pass through and weekend gigs alike.