Flooring for Kitchens – What is Best?

My wife and I recently re-finished our kitchen, and deciding on the right flooring was a pretty long process. I did a bunch of research and decided to share it for my reader’s benefit!

The right flooring can significantly improve your kitchen appearance and functionality. With so many offers ranging from epoxy to tile, laminate and carpet, finding kitchen flooring should be an effortless process. However, not all are desirable and designs that were once admired have slowly been replaced with new trends. Epoxy in particular has become a popular choice and I always recommend it for new homeowners, but is it the best offer in the market? Here is a brief look at some of the top kitchen flooring options.

Epoxy Kitchen Floors

The benefits and beauty of epoxy flooring are irrefutable. It may seem like the kind of professional flooring you find in luxury showrooms or commercial outlets. However, recent trends have seen epoxy encroach into the domestic market thanks to its glossy finish and durable coating. If you are looking for something unique, yet affordable, I personally recommend epoxy flooring. But these are not the only benefits you gain from installing epoxy flooring.

  • Safe and aesthetic – since it needs no harsh cleaning agents or processes, epoxy flooring can last its lifespan without corroding or dissolving. It is one of the safest no-toxic flooring options. Epoxy floors are also very attractive and can help enliven your kitchen aesthetics. You can also select from multiple colors, patterns and styles including mimics of granite, marble, quartz and natural stone among others.
  • Very easy to clean – epoxy offers a smooth shiny surface that is easy to clean and maintain. It is stain resistant, water resistant and anti-slip. Unlike other flooring, you can easily wipe off stains and liquid spills from epoxy floors making it ideal for kitchen settings.
  • Durability – epoxy finish contains resin, which is not only resistant to water and chemicals, but also withstands abrasion, wear and tear. It has been used to cover concrete floors in basements and car parks offering durable coating that can take just about anything. It rarely scratches or dents.

Tile floors

Tiles were once the favorite for bathrooms and kitchen flooring. They come in various materials including stone and ceramic. You can also choose different colors and styles. Although tile floors can last up to several decades, some materials are quite expensive and installation may also involve cutting custom pieces which hikes the cost even higher. Tiles are susceptible to denting and scratching especially when you accidentally drop a solid object. What’s more, they feature grout seams which require careful maintenance to prevent staining and cracking.


Hardwood floors are revered for their aesthetic value and classic grain. They can accentuate any interior or exterior décor if used correctly. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are not the best option for the kitchen. Stains and water spills can easily damage your hardwood flooring and even a little scratch on the coating may require refinishing to maintain the floor’s appeal. For more about hardwood floors, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_flooring#Hardwood_flooring


Laminate is a common choice for those seeking cheap quick installation floors. You can install your laminate kitchen floor at 79 cents per square foot and easily rip it off if a prospect buyer wants something else. Laminate floors can be attractive and durable. However, this depends on how well the manufacturer made them and the quality is never greater than epoxy, wood, natural stone or tiles. It is not ideal for a permanent home.


I would stick with epoxy flooring for my kitchen. It offers everything you need from durability, to safety, ease of cleaning and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy is also quite inexpensive compared to all the other choices and takes a shortest time to install. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring Austin residents can depend on, ATX Epoxy Flooring was a great company to work with and we highly recommend them. You can visit their website at https://atxepoxyfloors.com. They were quick to deliver a competitive bid, and the results were amazing. We have a customized floor with easy, affordable maintenance.