Welcome to My Blog!

Hey folks! Welcome to my corner of the internet. Slate Austin is new cozy home for me to ramble about my interests while exploring my home, Austin, TX. Getting back to Austin after a year of traveling has left me excited to explore my city with fresh eyes. In an effort to keep myself adventuring, I’ll be checking out new venues, restaurants, bars and clubs and sharing them with you… my lovely readers. Whether you’re visiting Austin for the first time and are researching places to see OR you’re a long-time resident, I hope to mine up some gems and bring them to light.

So, what topics should you expect? Well, I’ll be writing about my passions. I play music and moved to Austin because of the live music scene, so shows, concerts, bands and venues will all be featured upon occasion. Next up, food. Of course, everyone loves to eat and Austin has a TON to offer. Expect some informal restaurant reviews and recommendations, new excited fusions, local classics that hopefully get you excited and exploring like me.

Slate Austin is a new blog and will take time to grow, so please check back from time to time for updates. You’ll see a few posts below where I jumped straight into restaurants in Austin and featured brunches you should definitely try, BUT I wanted to take a second and say hello. Read, explore and enjoy.