Austin (and Texas) may be known for Tacos and BBQ, but after scratching the surface you’ll quickly learn there is far more than meets the eye. Sure, we have Franklins BBQ and Torchy’s, Veracruz and LA Barbecue, but we are also the home to incredible pizza.

You don’t have to travel to NYC to get thin sliced delicious pies, or hit Detroit for their square deep dishes. I’ll save you the research and give you five of my favorite pizza spots. Go check them out for yourself – you wont be disappointed!

1    HOME SLICE (South Congress)

Home Slice ranks in on number one of my list. Their employees often go on training at New York’s iconic pizza spots, so if you’re looking for close-to-authentic New York style pizza, this is the spot. They have a vibrant staff personality as well as rich Sicilian pies, margherita, and mozarrella, to mention but a few.

2    VIA 313 (Rainey Street)

The VIA 313 is a location that will bring out the glutton in you. Their pies are made with the Detroit style pizzas in mind. Four square and thick pillow-like crusts that are extra crunchy because of the additions of caramel of cheese makes for a perfect bite. I can share one of their personal pizzas and still have a full meal. Two to three slices is enough to fill me up, but if you want to head straight to bed, four will do the trick. It will be an added adventure or treat if you try it with double pepperoni Detroiter.

3    BUFALINA (East Cesar Chavez)

Due to Bufalina’s great pizza, it is sometimes crowded, and you may take longer finding a seat. However, when you do find one, your pizza will take less than 60 seconds in reaching you. No more.

Pies here are made with the Neapolitan style in mind; delicate and delicious. Here you can enjoy classics like margherita, calabrese and other pizzas like harissa and chorizo & potato.

4    EAST SIDE PIES (East End)

The east side pies was opened in 2006, but there is a vintage feel about this place. When compared to the VIA 313 and Bufalina, the east side hospitality may be seen as a little floppy, but the creativity of their sauces like squash and chimichurri does best to make up for the difference. 


This sandwich shop is located on the vintage and attractive Crestview Mall strip and their pizzas are made in the northeast-style, which implies they are often big slices and are cooked in hearth ovens that are two-inches thick. There may not be much going on here, but if you desire wholesome pies and Ancient Grains gluten-free crusts, then Little Deli and Pizzeria is where you want to go.